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Hey There - 


I’m Alex Medick, and welcome to The New Standard’s official website. The New Standard (TNS for short) is my marketing consultancy, digital marketing agency, growth-hacking operation, website design org and all-around creative shop.  And no, don’t worry - this isn’t just Alex’s playground to do creative things that don’t actually help the situation, except to make things look cool. That’s not the case at all. In fact, I am believer in the David Ogilvy thought that ‘If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.’


But that’s neither here nor there. 


I love the art of business and the science of creativity (fun fact - you can switch the order of that statement and it still makes just a much of an impact).  And when those worlds collide, you get marketing! Also, I believe that marketing isn’t just selling things, but creating a human connection that builds a brands personality and drives authenticity. Wait, your business doesn’t have a personality, you say? Yes, yes it does. And figuring that out is step one. 


Okay, for the sake of not ranting here, I would love to get together to talk about your marketing and creativity needs. I bet that we can collaborate on some great work together. 


Let’s get in touch and start talking! Email me directly at ajm@WeAreTNS.com and get things moving! 


(for the Credential Lovers Out There)



Las Vegas, Nevada



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